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Colloidal Silver

Information below provided by Sunstone Herbals, where you can purchase colloidal silver products.

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What is colloidal silver?

  • Colloidal Silver is the most powerful natural antibiotic known to man, estimated to kill over 650 different disease-causing pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungus and yeast).
  • Colloidal silver is the result of an electromagnetic process that pulls microscopic particles from a larger piece of silver into a liquid, such as water. As tiny particles, the silver can more easily penetrate and travel throughout the body. Colloidal silver works as a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. In short, it suffocates the bad guys. Faced with colloidal silver instead of antibiotics, these disease causing pathogens don't have the capacity to develop resistant strains.* Besides, antibiotics are effective against only about a dozen forms of bacteria and fungi, but never viruses. Because no known disease-causing organism can live in the presence of even minute traces of the chemical element of metallic silver, colloidal silver may be effective in killing more than 650 different disease-causing pathogens.* To top it off, colloidal silver is virtually nontoxic, making it safe for both children and adults, as well as pets. In short, anything bigger than a one-celled organism seems to like it.
  • Since there is not enough room to list all the diseases against which colloidal silver has traditionally been used, here is a tiny sample; acne; allergies; appendicitis; arthritis; blood parasites; bubonic plague; burns (it is one of the few treatments that can keep severe burn patients alive); cholera; cold sores; colitis; cystitis; conjunctivitis; atopic dermatitis (a/k/a cradle cap); diabetes; dysentery; ear "affections"; eczema; gastritis; gonorrhea; impetigo; influenza; hay fever; herpes; leprosy; leukemia; lupus; lymphangitis; Lyme disease; malaria;' meningitis; parasitic infections. both viral and fungal; pneumonia; pneumococci; psoriasis; prostatitis; rheumatism; rhinitis; ringworm; scarlet fever; septic conditions of the eyes, ears, mouth and throat; salmonella; septicemia; shingles; staph infections; strep infections; syphilis; tonsillitis; toxemia; trench foot; all forms of viruses; warts and stomach ulcers; yeast infections.* In addition, it has veterinary uses, such as for canine parvo virus.* You'll also find colloidal silver very handy in the garden since it can be used against bacterial, fungal and viral attacks on plants. Simply spray diluted colloidal silver on the leaves and add to soil water.

Suggested Dosages

  • Specific documentation on the optimum potency or dosage for effective use is sparse. This has led to a wide range of products of varying potencies - all claiming to be the best. According to N.R. Thompson of Runcorn Health Laboratory in England, the concentration of silver necessary to sterilize water contaminated with pathogenic bacteria is between 40-200 gamma, or .04 to .2 ppm (1 ppm = 1000 gamma).* In 1940 and 1966, respectively, R.A. Kehoe and I.H. Tipton reported that under normal circumstances the average daily diet will yield approximately 50mcg to 100mcg of silver. (Note: The reduction of silver in the average diet, due to commercial farming techniques, is similar to what has happened with other trace minerals including chromium, zinc and selenium - that are now known to be essential for good health. This reduction may play a role in the worldwide epidemic of chronic infections.)
  • Therefore, it seems logical that a concentration of 3 to 5 ppm from your colloidal silver generator, yielding 15 mcg to 25 mcg of silver per teaspoon, will be a sufficient concentration to be both effective and safe to consume on a regular, daily basis. An 8 oz. container of colloidal silver at a concentration of 3 ppm will contain approximately 355 mcg of total silver - well below any reported toxicity level of orally consumed silver - even if several ounces were consumed on a daily basis for several years.
  • With a 5 ppm colloidal silver, the yield is about 25 mcg per teaspoon, and it's normally suggested to use anywhere from 1 teaspoon to 1 ounce (1oz. = 6tsp. = 150mcg) for daily consumption.
  • Any product containing higher concentrations, for example having higher levels than what could be found in the average daily diet, should definitely be taken with caution, only during a time of need and certainly not for extended periods.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any specific diseases.

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