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Car Washing and Window Cleaning

Ever wonder why there are spots on clean glass after it dries?

Those spots are TDS - the water has evaporated and the total dissolved solids have remained. The only way to get a true spotless rinse on a car, window or glass is to use low TDS water.

Many car washes incorporate RO systems into their spotless rinses, and many companies are now making portable or home/office use window washing and car washing systems that also use RO systems?

But how do you know when to change the filter cartridge or membrane of the RO system to ensure that spotless rinse? The answer is to install an INLINE TDS MONITOR.

Car Wash


HM Digital's DM-2 was specifically designed for this purpose. With a splash-proof housing, shielded cables, a flexible mounting bracket and a large, easy-to-read screen, you can't go wrong. Installation can be done in minutes. With a push of a button, you can see the TDS levels of your source water and product water, so you know your system is operating properly - before you see those ugly spots.

Also useful for car washing and window cleaning are HM Digital's DM-1, TDS-3, QC-1 and SM-1.


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